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We appreciate that you have come to a Cash Buying company for peace of mind that your property is sold leaving you free to move on with your life no matter what the reason for selling, therefore we ensure that our process is discreet, professional and FAST! We don’t rely on mortgages or bank loans to fund the purchase, its all our own money so we are in a great position to make instant decisions and get the money to you as soon as the legal paperwork is completed.
We buy any kind of property type, flats, houses, detached, semi detached, bungalows etc, regardless of their condition. We are also interested in land, commercial buildings, oddball properties, ugly properties, derelict properties, basically we will look at absolutely everything.
We certainly don’t buy every single property that is offered to us – sometimes the price that the home owner wants is more than we are prepared to pay, sometimes our price doesn’t work for the home owner, if either is the case then a cash purchase isn’t an option. We want to buy as many properties for cash as we can so you can rest assured that if it works for us then we will definitely make you an offer. If not then we have another option which is the next best thing to a cash offer.
We won’t make any guarantees until we have seen your property. So, the sooner we get in to see it the quicker we can discuss an offer. The only guarantee that we can make before seeing it is that we will make every effort to do the very best we can for you regarding the price.
We will put a formal, written offer to your solicitor within an hour of agreeing a price with you, after that you can have the money in your bank in approximately seven days which is about how long it takes for the solicitors to do the legal paperwork. If there are any issues surrounding the sale i.e wills, divorce proceedings etc then this could delay settlement however we will assist in anyway we can to make sure the whole process goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible.
If we are buying your property for cash then you will have absolutely no fees to pay us, in fact we will even pay for your solicitors’ fees. If the cash option doesn’t work for you or us and you go with our Assisted Sale option, there are also no fees involved unless you withdraw from the agreement – we will invoice you for any outlays incurred i.e. home reports etc.
We can certainly recommend a variety of solicitors for you and it would be up to you to decide if you want to use one of them or not.
We buy properties all the time that need extensive renovation works – we have literally renovated thousands of properties over the past 20 years.
If we say we are going to buy your house for cash then we will. We won’t give you a price over the phone, this is the sale of one of your most expensive assets so you need to ensure that we get the price right from the start. Most companies use the tactic of making a higher offer over the phone just to win your business then they will drop that to a more realistic price weeks down the line leaving you in a bit of a position. We visit every property before making an offer to ensure that we get it right from the start.
No, your solicitor will check what loans are due on the property and he will settle these from the sale proceeds directly.
Yes, we can still buy your property, however you will need to check the terms and conditions of your agency agreement to see if you will need to pay them any withdrawal fees.



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